Why “Go Private?”

Why Choose Private Care?

I am very proud working for our National Health Service (NHS). The NHS is world famous for delivering high-quality care to everyone. Unfortunately, the burden placed upon it is immense, and quite frankly the amount of funding does not match the needs of our population. As such, patients are waiting up to 2 – 3 months to see a consultant or one of their team members, and if they need an investigation they can wait a further 2 to 3 months. Needing investigations such as Endoscopy, MRI or CT scans can further delay the decision on how to treat your problem.

There are many reasons to go for private care. Your private insurance can be used or you can self-fund your private care. In the private hospitals I work in, there are many packages available for your full treatment, including endoscopy if required.

Avoid NHS queues

You can book an appointment with me in at the Manor Hospital, Oxford or to have a virtual consultation within a week. You can further avoid delays by getting the necessary investigations such as X-Rays (on the same day) and scans usually within 3-5 days. This enables you to be seen and treated at your convenience in a very quick and efficient manner.

Choose your consultant

The choose and book system in the NHS does not allow for a named referral to a specific consultant in the NHS hospital. Furthermore, you may not be seen by the consultant but one of their trainees. Every time you visit my consulting room, or a virtual consultation, or for endoscopy, you will be seen by me personally, your consultant

Personalised care

In typical NHS Gastroenterology clinics, running late and inadequate time per patient is sadly a common scenario. In my private clinic, more time in a relaxed environment allows a detailed discussion. I will get to know you, your needs and how to best meet them.

How to book

The other great advantage of visiting me is that you do not have to see a GP and wait for their referral. You can simply book your consultation now and get the treatment you need quickly, although many insurers require a GP letter. If you are privately insured, please contact your insurance company first for pre-authorisation instructions.

What they say

“Calm and reassuring”

“Thank you for your calm and reassuring expertise”

Anonymous – Oxfordshire

“Thank you – I felt no anxiety or discomfort whatsoever during the procedure”

“Thank you especially for noting my request for heavier sedation – I felt no anxiety or discomfort whatsoever during the procedure”

Anonymous – Oxfordshire

“The care and attention I received was second to none!”

“I am truly grateful for the care and attention I received, and second to none!”

Anonymous – Oxfordshire

“High level of professionalism”

“Thank you very much for you high level of professionalism regarding my health”

Anonymous – Oxfordshire

“Thank you and all the staff for the care I received”

“Thank you and you team for all your very great kind care and attention when I had my last colonoscopy – I really do very greatly appreciate it.”

Anonymous – Oxfordshire

“Thank you”

“I should like to thank you and all the staff for the care I received during the investigation and removal of my polyp”

Anonymous – Oxfordshire

“Very impressed and grateful for the care you showed”

I was very impressed and grateful for the care and skill that you showed. It was, by far, the least stressful colonoscopy I have had. Much appreciated.

Anonymous – Oxfordshire

“Wonderful standard of treatment”

Thank you very much for the wonderful standard of treatment you and you colleagues have given me: every aspect has been truly impressive.

Anonymous – Oxfordshire

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